Ben Maker Wood Design and Forming Set (Lathe Module, Drill Module, Emery Saw Module)

BENMAKER is an education workshop aiming to improve mind-hand coordination and to contribute the skills to transform imagination into production of the children between 7-12 ages. Starting its activities in Bursa in October 2016 after a 5-year extended and exhaustive R&D process led by Fahrettin Gülener, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ermetal, BENMAKER today strives to grow up generations able to make production in four different branches.


Lathe Module
Technical Specifications –

• Lathe module is 150mm in length, 350mm in width and 120mm in depth.
• Operating voltage is 12V.
• The material which the lathe module can process should have a minimum diameter of 30mm and a minimum length of 95mm.
• Lathe module can process only wooden materials.
Drill Module
Technical Specifications –

• Drill module is 200 mm in height, 150mm in width and 150mm in depth.
• Operating voltage is 12V.
• This product can only process wooden plyboard. Drilling thickness is 4mm.
• Drill module has a drill bit of 3.0 mm.

Emery Saw Module
Technical Specification –

• Emery saw is 180mm in height, 250mm in width and 250mm in depth.
• Operating voltage is 12V.
• This product can only process wooden Plyboard.
• Cutting thickness is maximum 4mm.
• Sand paper used by the Emery Saw Module has a thickness of 60 grade.
Consumables –
• Cylindrical Wood – (Provided with the module)
• Plyboard Wood – (Provided with the module)