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NewPath's Online Learning Program available for students from Grades 1 to High-school provides students with an engaging, interactive curriculum customized to meet their individual needs, making learning an enjoyable process.

Learn anytime, anywhere! Kindle your creativity and imagination.

Homeschooling has recently seen a sudden spurt in popularity; it is currently "the fastest-growing form of education." It is a progressive idea or movement in which parents opt to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional school. As per the statistics by National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI),there are about 2.5 million homeschool students in grades K-12 in the United States. Needless to say, It appears that homeschooling is here to stay.

Impact of E-learning on Homeschooling

The rapid growth in technology has significantly revolutionized the idea of homeschooling. Today, digital technologies such as eLearning applications are being used increasingly to impart lessons to children at home.The advent of eLearning has made homeschooling more structured and collaborative. Here are a few notable benefits of E-learning:

Learning becomes easy, fun and exciting:

The learning process becomes highly flexible and convenient. It motivates the student to find suitable courses as per their requirements and preferences. Students can easily access their E-Learning materials anytime, anywhere.

Personalised Learning & Support for students:

A key benefit of eLearning is that it enables teachers to shift from a “one-size-for-all” learning model to a highly focused one. Through a systematic learning process and a wide array of content formats, teachers can offer personalized learning experiences for students, unlike those in traditional classes.

Performance Tracking can be done easily:

E-Learning helps teachers to consistently evaluate the performance of the students and track their progress.

Reduction in Learning Costs:

E-Learning helps educational institutions to minimize the cost of learning, classroom equipment, online training site rentals, and book printing.

Promotes active learning:

E-learning promotes active learning through online educational videos, discussion forums etc. It enables students to discuss new ideas, engage with the subject of study and helps in solving problems through a wide range of methods. In addition, elearning platforms use interesting illustrations, infographics and vivid images to present the information in a highly effective manner. This improves the concentration levels of students and helps in better retention, thus helping them to achieve better grades.

Engage students, Take learning to a whole new level.

Interactive technology offers huge benefits to students as it helps them to learn complex STEM concepts at an early age. Students find it easier to understand complex theories and abstract concepts through hands-on experiences. As a result, teachers who have adopted eLearning technology in their learning environment have seen a dramatic increase in student learning outcomes. Besides, eLearning technology makes learning more accessible to students; students can access lessons anytime, anywhere.

NewPath's Online Learning Program engages students and improves learning through differentiated instruction with comprehensive ready-to-teach multimedia lessons, interactive activities, games and assessments for grades 1-10.


Standards-Based with alignment to State and National Standards.

Easy-to-use templates to develop and deliver customized lessons for differentiated instruction.

Intuitive design, illustrated help screens and toll-free technical support makes classroom integration easy.

Effective, research-based with proven results and endorsements from educators across the country!

Comprehensive with ready-to-use multimedia science lessons, games, activities and assessments covering Grades 1 - High School Science, Math, Reading/ELA and Social Studies.


• We increased from an overall ELA passing rate of 67.6% to 76.6%. Our overall passing rate in Math increased from 67.5% to 81.5%!
• The results were amazing; 97.6% of our students passed!
• 90% of my students realized 1 to 2 grade levels of academic growth in one year

Personalized, Standards-Based Lessons

Research-based, NewPath’s innovative, easy to use Online Learning Program provides everything you need to provide your class with interactive lessons meeting the most current national and state standards. The perfect resource for use on Interactive Whiteboards or for individual student instruction via the Web on any computer or tablet, the unique program features –





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Innovative Teaching Tools to Engage Students and Improve Learning through Differentiated Instruction!

Affordably-priced, NewPath’s Online Learning Program can be used for….

Classroom Instruction

Extensive library of ready-to-use curriculum resources to deliver illuminating presentations to your class using an Interactive Whiteboard or via classroom computers

Homework Assignment

Assign complete lessons or individual learning activities to your students for Web access from home. Monitor performance using the program’s automatic grading/reporting capabilities.

Flipping the Classroom

Extend learning time by providing your students with access to interactive lessons and videos - anytime and anywhere! Free your classroom time to expand upon advanced concepts or engage in collaborative learning

Skills Assessment

Conduct diagnostic proficiency testing of student comprehension using pre- and post-lesson testing… with ready-to-use, standards-based assessments or quizzes you develop

Personalized Learning

Customize lessons to meet the specific needs of your individual students

Assessment Prep

Access the program’s 35,000+ standards-based assessment questions by subject, grade, topic and standard to create quizzes, interactive flash cards, worksheets and games!

Parental Involvement

Parents can access their student’s individual account to view assignments and performance – or help them with lessons at home!

Resource Archives

Organize your curriculum with a color-coded calendar to plan your classes by day, week and month.

Access for Up to 25 Teachers & All Students in Your School!

Premium Classroom Subscription

Each Premium Classroom Subscription provides each teacher with complete access to NewPath’s vast library of ready-to-use resources for ALL grades and subjects and up to 150 individual student accounts. Aligned to the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards as well as current state standards, the program’s resources include:

  • Animated multimedia lessons; interactive exercises and activities; virtual lab investigations & presentations for inquiry-based learning
  • 35,000+ Standards-based assessment prep questions
  • 2,000 Interactive Science vocabulary terms
  • 1,000 Illustrated study guides
  • 10,000+ illustrations & images

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