Food technology

Food Processing Technology teaching equipment is designed to simulate typical processes used to produce the food and drink we consume today. Both industrial and educational equipment is used to develop an understanding of the processes used in industry and the educational understanding of how and why a process has certain operating parameters.

Milk and Dairy Processing

  • Mobile Centrifugal Pump
  • Stirred Refrigerator Tank
  • Centrifugal Cream Separator
  • Homogenization Pilot Plant
  • Homogenization Pilot Plant
  • De-aeration Pilot Plant
  • Automated Pasteurization Pilot Plant with SCADA
  • Automated Milk Sterilization Pilot Plant
  • Butter Production Pilot Plant
  • Cheese Production Pilot Plant
  • Yoghurt Production Unit
  • Freeze-drying Pilot Plant

Fruit Processing Technological Cycle

  • Raw Product Washing Unit
  • De-Stoning Unit
  • Grinding Mill
  • Hot Break Pilot Plant
  • Pulping and Refining Unit
  • Cooking Unit
  • Batch Concentration Pilot Plant
  • Sterilization Autoclave
  • Semi-Automatic Concentration Pilot Plant
  • Automated Thin-Film Evaporation Pilot Plant with SCADA

Citrus Fruit Processing Technological Cycle

  • Citrus Juice Extraction Plant
  • Thin and Semi-Thick Liquid Filling and Capping Plant

Oil Producing Seed Processing

  • Seed Pressing Pilot Plant
  • Automated Continuous Solid-Liquid Extraction Pilot Plant
  • Solvent Recovery Unit

Olive Processing

  • Olive Oil Production Pilot Plant

Grape Processing

  • Stalk Removing Machine
  • Pneumatic Grape Press
  • Sparkling Process Pilot Plant
  • Filter Press
  • Automated Grape Marc Distillation Pilot Plant with SCADA
  • Ice Water Production Unit
  • Wine and Spirits Filling and Capping Plant
  • 700 Litres Wine Making Tank
  • Wine Bottle Filling and Corking Plant

Beer Brewing Production Line

  • Beer Brewing Pilot Plant
  • Beer Filling and Capping Plant

Liquor Production Line

  • Infusion Tank
  • Mixing Tank
  • Citrus Fruit Peeling Machine
  • Transfer Pump
  • Filter Press
  • Two-Nozzle Bottle Filling Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine
  • Plastic Cap Heat-Shrinking Machine

Seafood Processing

  • Eviscerating Plant
  • Skinning Machine
  • Squid Cutting Machine
  • Squid Washing and Curling Machine
  • Tray Sealing Machine