Augmented Reality With Merge Cube

The Merge Cube is a black and silver physical cube that has inlaid designs that interact with various Merge Cube apps to transform the cube into a digital canvas, whether that entails the solar system, the body, or a pocket aquarium. The Cube works by using the camera function in the apps to detect the distinct pattern of the cube’s sides to allow the coding to interact with it, in the same functional manner as a QR code on a product. The cube works together with an app, but if the app is on a phone, it also allows the user to slide the phone in the Merge’s version of a Google Cardboard headset.

Age Group - For Teachers
No. of sessions - 2
Duration - 2 Days, 1 hr. per session
Timings/Schedule - Weekdays(Dates to be announced / sent through mail)
Location - Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom) for Video conferencing
Certificate of completion - Yes (KHDA Approved)
Fees - Free

Session Activity Details
1 Pre-requisite: The students must download and take a print of the cube prior to the session.
  • 1. An introduction about merge cube, its advantages and uses.
  • 2. Introduction to the 5 educational apps that can be used :
    2.1 Object viewer – Allows users to import 3D models from external sources.
    2.2 3D museum Viewer – Collection of historical artefacts.
    2.3 Anatomy AR+ - Human body organs with information about the parts present in it.
    2.4 Galactic Explorer – Information about the planets in the solar system.
    2.5 Dino Digger – Lets you dig for dinosaur skeleton and allows you to put them together.
  • 3. Downloading explorer from the play store.
  • 4. Let’s explore the solar system. The app gives information about all the planets in the solar system.
  • 5. Students can explore the human body. They observe the organs in the upper and lower part of the body.
  • 1. Exploring the aspects of earth like volcanoes and earthquakes.
    1.1 Journey to the core
    1.2 Plates on the earth’s mantle
    1.3 Tectonic plates
    1.4 A look at ash – Cinder volcano
  • 2. Life cycle of a frog and its dissection.
  • 3. Designing a 3D object using Tinkercad.
  • 4. Importing the object into the merge cube application and exploring the features in the application for designed objects.