3D-Designing -Circuits with TinkerCad- Printing with XYZ Printers

Bring your 3D designs to life with Circuit Assemblies. Integrated product design. Place & wire components to create a virtual circuit. Add light and movement to your 3D designs with electronic circuits. Glow your Circuit Assembly.

Age Group - 6 - 10 Years
No. of sessions - 2
Duration - 1 Day, 2 hr session
Timings/Schedule - Weekdays(Dates to be announced / sent through mail)
Location - Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom) for video conferencing
Certificate of completion - Yes (KHDA Approved)
Fees - Free

Session No: Activity Details
1 Introduction of Basic Components in an Electronic Circuit.
• They will learn about LED, Battery, Multi-meter, Switch, Potentiometer, Capacitor, Bread-Board, Diode, DC Motor, Resistor etc.
• They will build their own Closed Circuit to light up the LED.
Series and Parallel Circuits.
• Connecting Batteries in Series & Parallel.
• Connecting Resistors in Series & Parallel.
Introduction to Arduino.
• Arduino introduction – Digital/Analog Inputs, Output and power pins.
• Connecting to Arduino
• Powering up an LED
• Blinking an LED.
2 Traffic Signal with LED’s.
Controlling a Servo motor using Arduino
• Programming the servo to sweep to a certain angle and return.
• Programming the servo to be controlled by a potentiometer.
Burglar Alarm System using Arduino
• Introduction to Ultrasonic sensor and its principle.
• Connection Instructions.