LEGO Education More To Math

LEGO Education’s“MoreToMath” is a hands-on educational solution for 1st to 4th grade students enabling them to learn and reinforce the mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, greater than, less than, area, perimeter, bar graph, measurements and fractions through hands-on activities.

Math Builder is an interactive and intuitive programming interface, which allows the students to explore key lessons and ideas utilizing an advanced structured programming concepts using digital building software. Each physical LEGO components are modeled and created digitally thereby empowering the learners to assemble, show their answer models on the screen and express their process of critical thinking, basic reasoning, reading, thinking, listening, and speaking skills related to mathematical topics.

Age Group - 6 – 10 Years
No. of sessions - 2
Duration - 2 Days, 1 hr. per session
Timings/Schedule - Weekdays (Dates will be announced/sent through mail)
Location - Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom) for video conferencing
Certificate of completion - Yes (KHDA Approved)
Fees - Free/Funded

Session Activity Details
1 1. Introduction to software, its features and application.
2. Introduction video of Learning math with lego bricks.
3. Build a pyramid using math builder.
4. Task : Build a Snake
     Concepts covered:
     • One digit addition
     • Counting numbers
     • Basic Length measurement in studs
     • Grouping and Number bonds
2 1. Explore new mathematical concepts and solve the word problems.
2. Task: Shop activity
     Concepts covered:
     • Addition
     • Subtraction
     • Multiplication by 1’s and 10’s
     • Place Value – Ones and Tens
     • Quick recap of the session 1 & 2 by interactive fun activities.