SAM Labs Stem Virtual Coding

SAM Labs offers offline SAM Blocks including various sensors and LED’s. This can help us learn about connections, the parameters required for the sensors’ working and various other logics.

Age Group - 9 - 15 Years
No. of sessions - 2
Duration - 2 Days, 1 hr. per session
Timings/Schedule - Weekdays(Dates to be announced / sent through mail)
Location - Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom) for video conferencing
Certificate of completion - Yes (KHDA Approved)
Fees - Free

Session No: Activity Details
1 1. Introduction to SAM SPACE software, workplace, Input - output & behavior blocks, adding & deleting blocks, wire connections, input & output blocks settings
1.1 Introduction to all the offline SAM blocks.
1.2 Sample program – how to turn ON LED with a button
1.3 Task – change the color of LED, add two or more LED to button
1.4 Working withsensors.
1.5 Traffic signals with counters
2 1. SMART CITY – Pavement lights and bus stop fan – Proximity sensor, motor & LED
1.1 Task – Turn ON pavement lights when people are walking & turn OFF lights in absence of people.
1.2 Task – Turn ON fan when you are in front of it and turn OFF in absence of people
1.3 Task – Turn ON Street light automatically when sun sets

2. SMART AUTOMOBILES – Smart vehicles – Pressure, tilt sensor, motor & buzzer.
2.1 Task – Turn OFF the engine (MOTOR) when the pressure (LOAD) on the vehicle is beyond the limit
2.2 Task – Turn ON the buzzer (alarm) if the vehicle is tilted (met with accident)

3. SMART DEFENCE – Smart fire pump – heat sensor Motor & buzzer
3.1 Task – Turn ON water pump automatically when temperature raises up beyond limit
3.2 Task – Make an alarm when temperature raises up beyond limit