PASCO Scientific Coding

PASCO SPARKvue s/w makes data collection, analysis, and sharing quick and easy on every platform. Compatible with all of PASCO’s wireless and PASPORT sensors, students can quickly set up their lab, or use a built-in Quick Start Lab and begin collecting data immediately. SPARKvue is for all sciences and grade levels. In this module students will explore the on-board sensors, shared session using SPARKvue and code blocks.

Introducing students to coding and computer-controlled outcomes is easier than ever before with Blockly coding. Blockly integrates computational thinking into the exploration of phenomena to provide students with a new world of STEM opportunity. With Blockly, students can create custom data collection parameters, feedback loops, data displays, and so much more.

Age Group - 10-14 Years
No. of sessions - 2
Timings/Schedule - Weekdays(Dates to be announced / sent through mail)
Location - Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom) for video conferencing
Certificate of completion - Yes (KHDA Approved)
Fees - Free

Session No: Activity Details
1 Introducing SPARKvue
• SPARKvue Installation steps
• Getting to know SPARKvue and its real time applications.
• PASCO online guides and resources
• Features of SPARKvue
• Guided Session and establishing a Shared Session among students
2 • Introducing Blockly coding
PROJECT CURFEW – Students will use the on-board Light Sensor and alarm the public after 6 pm about the CURFEW.
• Each and every student will share their data analysis by joining the ‘Shared Session.