Interactive Display Technology

Manico FunTable is an interactive surfboard for children. It's just like a tablet, but bigger. Children gather quickly and curiously around the table and are swallowed up by the will to explore. What makes Manico FunTable unique is that several children can simultaneously point, draw, click around and search for information and it promotes their collective learning.

The table is stable enough to handle children’s playful handling and therefore fits well in indoor environments where children gather. It can be environments such as preschools, schools, museums, libraries, restaurants, training rooms, banks, shops, shopping centers, airports and train stations. The table makes it joyful to learn new things together with peers. Children’s creativity is challenged in educational programs and educational games. Children’s minds are stimulated to a lively learning.


Manico FunTable is developed and manufactured in Sweden by Swedish engineers. The product is CE-certified, PSE-certified, Telec-certified, CCC-certified and RoHS-certified. The plastic in the table is environmentally certified and has the highest environmental certificate.

• Interactive 32”touch screen built into a stable, colorful and durable box.
• The screen is made of a hardened, anti-reflex treated 5 mm thick protective glass.
• Easily connected to the mains and WiFi.
• 10 pre-installed learning apps are included.
• Easy to download other learning apps from any other 3rd party providers.