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Professional Development at ATLAB

We offer a variety of courses to suit the needs of our teachers across the GCC Region.

Workshops – for one or two teachers who will attend a centre based workshop with other teachers. This is a lower cost option allow one teacher to get training on a particular product. Kit will be provided for the duration of the training. Cost 750 AED per teacher. (lunch included)

School Based Training – Our trainers will spend the day with your staff on a chosen product. They will ensure that teachers are confident using the product in the classroom. Our trainers will use the products that have been purchased by the school. Cost 2750AED. (plus travel costs if appropriate)

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School Based Training

School based training is tailored to the needs of your school. We currently offer five one day courses and once booked you can discuss your needs with your trainer.
Course Objectives Description
MINDSTORMS EV3 for Beginners · Build a simple driving model. · Program the model to move around the room and react to inputs. · Relate to school curriculum needs. · Have fun! Learn how to program your first Robot and enter the world of coding and STEM that inspire innovation through a hands on approach. Participants will be introduced to LEGO Education's Icon based coding software and see how those important 21st century skills can be applied in a real world approach. Build a robot and then program it to move about the table and then the room reacting to its environment. Detailed agenda available rob.w@atlabme.com
WeDo 2.0 for Beginners · Build a simple science model. · Program the model to move and react to inputs. · Relate to school science and computing curriculum needs. · Have fun! Learn how coding and STEM can be brought to life with LEGO Education's new elementary product WeDo 2.0. Participants will get the opportunity to build simple LEGO models that can be programmed to move and react to sensors. The detailed curriculum pack allows science / STEM to come to life in a hands on approach with lots of opportunity to extend learning. Detailed agenda available rob.w@atlabme.com
Simple and Powered Machines · Understand the process used in the curriculum material. · Explore the different models linking to the STEM subjects. · Develop fun, creative, hands on lessons. Explore different machines and mechanisms in this non computer based product. First explore a concept, then apply it to a real model, finally apply was has been learnt so far in a problem solving activity. Over 20 different activities allows this set to be used across all of STEM with focuses on Measurement, Forces, Energy and Powered Vehicles. Detailed agenda available rob.w@atlabme.com
MINDSTORMS EV3 for Intermediates · Be able to use most of the programming blocks in the EV3 Software. · See how EV3 can fit into many curriculum areas. · Start to design own robotic solutions. Learn how to take your MINDSTORMS programming to the next level. Learn how to bring constants, variables and arrays into your programs as well as manipulating data using the various math and data blocks. Be introduced to more of the content available to schools as well as try designing your own robotic solutions. Detailed agenda available rob.w@atlabme.com
StoryStarter · Be able to use LEGO bricks to bring literacy and story writing to life. · See how building ideas and knowledge can lead to using StoryStarter in many subjects. · Understand the 3 and 5 part stories. Come and learn how to build concrete stories to help turn reluctant writers into great story creators! Ask the students to build a favorite scene from a movie or book. Just from looking at the one base plate can the rest of the group guess the movie? Develop the day to day storytelling and move into creating 3 and 5 part stories. Students learn to discuss ideas, agree on plot/characters/setting and by collaborating they use each other's talent to create a story board. Descriptive writing for stories will improve dramatically as students capture their ideas with a digital device to review at anytime. Teachers will learn how the product works and develop ideas and strategies to implement successfully into the classroom.