Board games

This project is split across several lessons and gives the students time to develop their own ideas for a board game that is enhanced with electronic components. The students may take ideas from their favourite traditional board games and develop these using their knowledge of the SAM Labs STEAM kit, or develop entirely new board games.

The students will have the time and freedom to explore, experiment, trial and build their board games with a variety of different sensors.

During this project, the students will gain a valuable insight into the design and prototyping processes involved in developing a product.

The students will need access to all the usual materials found within a Design & Technology classroom, and if one is available, they may even choose to use a 3D printer. They will possibly also need access to standard art and modelling supplies too.

It will be useful to have a supply of flat-pack ‘pizza style’ boxes that can form the base of the board game and house the electronics inside it.

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