Eeny Meeny Mini MIDI. Exploring MIDI


This lesson explores the basics of working with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and controlling a simple General MIDI synthesiser with keys on the computer keyboard. It will also look at creating simple sequences of MIDI data that can be triggered by the computer keyboard.

There is some setup to do before the class to ensure that an appropriate software MIDI synthesiser is installed on the computer that you are using, so that the SAM Space can control the General MIDI instruments. The SAM Space will out MIDI data that will be received as an Input by the software General MIDI synthesiser, which will generate the sounds.

There are various General MIDI synthesisers that you could install, but if you don’t already have one, good options to consider are:

Apple Mac - SimpleSynth (
Windows - MIDI OX (

You may find on Windows systems that you also have install an application that will let you route MIDI outputs within the system, if so, a good option is LoopMIDI (

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