This starter set includes what you need for students to get to building robots, including any of the three hero models with step-by-step instructions in the builder’s guide:
  • 298 TETRIX® PRIME aluminum and plastic pieces including structural elements, connectors, hubs, brackets, wheels, and gears plus a Gripper Kit
  • Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller* for easy operation of the motors and servos
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • 2 standard servos and 2 continuous rotation servos
  • On/off switch
  • 4-in-1 tool, 2-in-1 screwdriver, and hex nut driver
  • Storage bin
  • Balls and cups for robot course
  • Detailed and graphical builder’s guide (92 pages)


Includes teachers guide, LOG book etc. Click Here


TETRIX® MAX R/C Robotics Set

Featuring heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminium elements for construction, powerful drive motors, and expandable capabilities, TETRIX® provides the ideal platform for creativity. Designed to provide one student or a team of up to four students with the hardware to design remote-controlled robots, this set ensures you won't miss any parts needed to finish your classroom projects.
  • Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller*
  • R/C motor controller and mounting kit
  • 679 building elements
  • Structural, motion, and hardware elements including a variety of wheels, gears, channels, flats, and connectors
  • Two 12-volt DC motors, motor cables, and two 180-degree standard-scale servo motors
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • On/off switch and assembly tools
  • Sturdy storage bin, lid, and sorting tray
  • Printed builder's guide – a robust teacher’s resource packed with instructions for building three models, safety information, resources, activities, and more


Includes teachers guide, LOG book etc. Click Here


The TETRIX PRIZM™ Robotics Controller is a fully integrated, programmable brain for your bot that features a variety of motor, servo, encoder, and sensor ports with convenient connectors. By combining the PRIZM with the Arduino Software (IDE), you get the best of both worlds – a controller that is powerful yet easy to use. Now you can take robotics and coding to new heights by creating smarter, more precise robots that are as real-world as it gets.

For classroom or competition robotics, the PRIZM controller comes packed with features in terms of power and expandability. The device contains six standard servo motor ports, two continuous rotation servo ports, eight sensor ports, a battery port, and two DC motor ports. If that isn’t enough, an expansion port offers the option to add motors, sensors, and even another PRIZM controller.

To make teaching and learning with PRIZM an even greater experience, Pitsco has created a comprehensive programming guide containing 15 activities. Five getting started activities familiarise students with using the Arduino Software (IDE) and PRIZM to control motors and sensors. The other 10 activities teach the basics of building and programming using a robot to perform various tasks. The TETRIX MAX Programmable and Dual-Control Robotics Sets that include the PRIZM controller come with a printed copy of the PRIZM Programming Guide.

PRIZM Controller Manual: